Sam Wade


Production on short film, Dust Buddies

As part of my senior thesis over the course of 16 months, I acted as Co-Director and Producer on a 4 minute computer animated short film titled Dust Buddies. I worked on all areas of the production pipeline, including writing, boarding, visual development, layout, modeling, set dressing, texturing, animation, lighting, rendering, compositing, sound design, and editing.


The film is about a dust bunny named Lint who must rescue his friend Fuzz after an evil maid sucks him up into a vacuum cleaner.

Full Film

Film Stills

Selection of stills from the film. I am responsible for set dressing, layout, lighting, rendering, and compositing all images.


Film was rendered using Pixar's Renderman and composited in Nuke.

Models and Textures

Prop and maid character designs, orthographics, models and textures. I am responsible for all aspects unless otherwise indicated.


Modeled in Maya and ZBrush, UVd in 3D-Coat, textures created using Photoshop and Pixar's Renderman.

Maid Model Turnaround and Blendshape/Rig Animation Test

I modeled, rigged, made blendshapes, and textured the maid character. This video shows a turnaround of the maid both full body and a closeup of her face. It also shows an animation of the maid used to test out her rig and face blendshapes.


Video showing layout from the film as well as an early pass at animation. I am responsible for all layout, set dressing, and animation unless otherwise indicated in video.

Shot Progress

Progress of a few shots from the animatic drawing, to layout, to intial lighting, and finally to the final composited image.


Responsible for set dressing, layout, animation, lighting, rendering and compositing of all shots.